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Geotechnical design to Eurocode 7 in South Africa 2011


University of Cape TownThe University of Cape Town has organized a series of courses on Eurocode 7 to be delivered by Dr Andrew Bond in four cities in South Africa in 2011. Based on Geocentrix's popular 'Decoding Eurocode 7' courses delivered in the UK, this is the third year that Eurocode 7 training has been available in South Africa.

These courses complement the successful set of courses on ENs 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993 that the University ran in 2007, 2008, and 2009 and will be repeating in 2011.


The 'Decoding Eurocode 7' course requires no prior knowledge of Eurocode 7.

Dates in 2011 for courses in South Africa

  • Johannesburg (Geotechnical and foundation design) - Monday 14th November 2011
  • Johannesburg (Practical design to Eurocode 7) - Tuesday 15th November 2011
  • Cape Town (Geotechnical and foundation design) - Thursday 17th November 2011
  • Cape Town (Practical design to Eurocode 7) - Friday 18th November 2011


The 'Decoding Eurocode 7' courses in South Africa/Namibia are presented by Dr Andrew Bond. Want to know what previous delegates thought about our courses? Click here.

How to book this course

Please visit the University of Cape Town's Eurocodes website for course details.

If you want to attend, please use this booking form.

Previous courses in South Africa and Namibia

  • Windhoek, Namibia - Thursday 16th July 2009
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - Friday 10th July 2009
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - 24th October 2008
  • Durban, South Africa - 22nd October 2008
  • Cape Town, South Africa - 20th October 2008

Course outline

Day 1 Geotechnical & foundation design

  • Standards for geotechnical design
  • EN 1997-1 General rules
  • EN 1997-2 Ground investigation and testing
  • Verification of strength
  • Workshop – pad footing on dry sand
  • Verification of stability and serviceability
  • Ground characterisation
  • The Geotechnical Design Report

Day 2 Practical design to Eurocode 7

  • Workshop – Box caisson
  • Workshop – Cone penetration test in mixed soils (characterization & statistical determination)
  • Design of spread foundations
  • Workshop – strip footing on clay
  • Design of gravity walls
  • Workshop – T-shaped gravity wall with dry fill
  • Design of slopes and embankments
  • Workshop – road cutting (using design charts)

Feedback from past delegates

'An interesting and thoroughly relevant course that I shall be recommending ... without hesitation'

'Informative and thought provoking'

'Great workshops presented by well established individuals within the field'

'Excellent! Just what I was looking for'

'Excellent value for money'


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