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Repute 2.5 Release 13 now available

News and annoucements

June 2022

  • Repute 2.5 Hands-on training course - Postponed until November
  • Repute 2.5 Release 13 is now available to download here
    • New – added ability to import multiple pile groups from a single Excel template
    • New – added ability to import multiple load combinations from a single Excel template
    • New – added bearing capacity algorithm from ERTC3 (European Region Technical Committee 3) technical report
    • Improved – Import Pile Group Wizard now fully supports H-piles, pipes, and spun pipes
    • Improved – added third axis to drawing orientation indicator
    • Improved – added hatching to ground surface to differentiate drawing orientation
    • Improved – updated Sentinel Runtime Environment to v8.43 (June 2022 release)
    • Fixed – corrected error in boundary element analysis when piles are raked in the Y-direction
    • Fixed – numerous minor bug fixes and improvements in performance

April 2022

March 2022

February 2022

  • Repute 2.5 Release 12 is now available to download here
  • Repute 2.5 Hands-on training course starts 22nd March 2022
  • Design of deep foundations - postponed to October
  • ReActiv logoReActiv 2 Release Candidate 1 is now available to download here
    • New - completely new user interface, based on Geocentrix's Re/x technology
    • New - interactive Drawing Board, with items automatically updated as their properties are changed
    • New - Project Manager, with all items clearly visible in one place
    • New - Property Inspector, provides easy-to-use controls for setting and changing properties of items
    • New - Stockyard, containing over 50 pre-built engineering items
    • New - Graph Paper, showing the top-10 potential failure mechanisms and a "heat plot" of required ground resistance
    • New - Reporter, providing flexible page-based reporting capabilities
    • New - Program Options, allows the program to be customized per installation
    • New - customizable catalogue of commonly-used geogrids, geotextiles, and soil nails
    • Improved - support for Windows 10 and Windows 11
    • Improved - grid and "critical" mechanism calculations combined into same analysis
    • Improved - support for wide area network licences
    • Improved - support for virtual private networks (VPN)
    • Fixed - error message 'Unhandled exception: Unknown exception' occurs when creating a new soil
    • Fixed - error message 'Unhandled exception: Unknown exception' occurs on program startup when old LIC file is present

January 2022

December 2021

November 2021

June 2021

  • Repute logoReWaRD 2.8 Release 4 is now available to download here.
    • New ability to display company logo on printouts
    • Improved simplification of user interface for Tidal Water Table
    • Improved Quick Start Guide revised with recent program changes
    • Improved User Manual revised with recent program changes
    • Improved Sentinel Run-time Environment updated to version 8.21
    • Fixed Tile Windows command leaves windows in unpainted state
    • Fixed earth pressure values now displayed in Workbook on switching views
    • Fixed creating falling or rising ground surfaces no longer causes the program to crash
    • Fixed various other minor user interface improvements

Repute logoRepute 2.5 for onshore pile design

Repute 2.5 is the UK's leading pile group design program, which no serious pile designer should be without. Repute allows engineers to design:

  • single piles subject to vertical loading, according to published design standards
  • pile groups under generalized 3-dimensional loading, using linear or non-linear soil models

Read the testimonials for Repute

Repute 2.5.13 is available for download from the program's updates page.

ReWaRD logoReWaRD 2.8 for embedded retaining wall design

ReWaRD is one of the leading programs for the design of embedded retaining walls, incorporating several UK and international standards including BS 8002 and EN 1997-1.

"Input of data and computer time for analysis are both very quick => Excellent"

ReWaRD 2.8.4 is available for download from the program's update page

ReActiv logoReActiv 2 for reinforced slope design

ReActiv is an interactive program for designing reinforced slopes, using reinforced soil or soil nails, following the guidance of the UK Highways Agency's advice note HA68.

ReActiv 2 Beta 2 is available for download from the program's field test page.

ReActiv 1.7.7 is available for download from the program's update page.

Decoding Eurocode 7 courses

Decoding Eurocode 7Our Eurocode 7 training courses include both online and classroom courses.

We are not currently delivering courses in the classroom; However all four courses are available online.

  • Online courses (multiple sessions)
    • Design of shallow foundations
    • Design of deep foundations
    • Basis of geotechnical design
    • Ground investigation and testing

For further details, please click here.

Testimonials for Repute

"...using REPUTE (hyperbolic model) was the most appropriate approach for the given structures and ground conditions, due to its versatility and ease of use"

Batilas et al. (2021), Design methodology for bridge abutment pile group foundations – a case study, Piling 2020

"Perhaps the most sophisticated analysis and design software for pile groups is REPUTE"

Randolph and Reul (2019), Practical approaches for design of pile groups and piled rafts. 4th Bolivian International Conference on Deep FoundationsPractical approaches for design of pile groups and piled rafts

"For pile groups subject to large horizontal/moment loads, non-linear stress-strain models (such as the hyperbolic model in software such as REPUTE) are likely to be the most appropriate"

Tony O’Brien (2019), From Minor to Major – The Evolution of Deep Foundations for Transportation Projects, 4th Bolivian International Conference on Deep Foundations

"The most effective means of carrying out a Category 3 analysis is to employ a pile group analysis program that considers non-linear pile-soil response and pile-soil-pile interaction, and is capable of handling all six components of loading simultaneously, e.g. ... REPUTE"

Harry Poulos (2017), Tall Building Foundation Design, Taylor & Francis, p128


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