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Geocentrix ReActiv - Reinforced slope design to HA 68

What's new in ReActiv 1.7?

Comparison of features

Feature ReActiv version
1.0 1.5/1.6 1.7
No of pre-built/custom engineering objects 16/3 16/3 16/3
Database of properties for 250 soils
Design standards implemented HA 68/94 HA 68/94 HA 68/94
Validation on data entry
Calculations Single mechanism, grid mechanisms, Tmax, and Tob Single mechanism, grid mechanisms, Tmax, and Tob  Single mechanism, grid mechanisms, Tmax, and Tob
Help System greatly improved in 1.6
Print preview
User defaults saved in Windows' Registry/INI
Use different reinforcement layers in same project  
Reinforcement Manager  
Specify names of reinforcements
Context-sensitive help buttons  
Updated user interface for Windows 95/98  
Updated user interface for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7    
Various bug fixes  
Simplified setup procedure  
Easy links to Geocentrix website  
Optimized calculation of grid mechanisms  
Read/write v1.0 RAV files
Read/write v1.5 RAV files  
Read/write v1.6 RAV files    
Year 2000 compliant   Rules 1-3 Rules 1-3
Optimized for Windows 95/98/NT   1.6 only   
Optimized for Windows XP, Vista, and 7    

ReActiv 1.7

ReActiv 1.7 was released in 2012 for Windows XP and Windows 7. It included various bug fixes, an improved user manual, and greater compatibility with Microsoft's operatring systems.

Existing users can upgrade to ReActiv 1.7 from ReActiv 1.5 and 1.6 at a discounted price.

ReActiv 1.6

ReActiv 1.6 was released in 1999 for the Windows 98 and NT operating systems and featured a greatly improved help system, various bug fixes, and a simplifed setup procedure.

ReActiv 1.5

ReActiv 1.5 was released in 1997 for the Windows 95 operating system and added support for reinforcement layers at fixed vertical spacing.

ReActiv 1.0

ReActiv 1.0 was released in 1994 for the Windows 3.1 operating system. Implementing the requirements of HA68/94, ReActiv 1.0 had a menu-driven user interface with graphical feedback provided via its "Job Window". Results were displayed in separate Mechanism and Reinforcement windows.


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