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Training courses

Geocentrix Training Courses

Anyone interested in learning how to get the most out of Geocentrix ReWaRD or Repute directly from the programs' developer can register their interest here. Proposed courses include the following, please use the links below to see further details:

Training course Date and location of next courses
South of England Midlands/North of England
Hands-on Repute 2

Autumn 2010

London Victoria

Spring 2011

Manchester Airport (provisional)

Hands-on ReWaRD

Autumn 2010

London Victoria

June 2011

Manchester Airport (provisional)

Please register your interest by filling in the following form and submitting the details to Geocentrix. Courses will go ahead when enough delegates have shown interest, and at that time we will contact you with final information and a booking form and if you are still interested you can confirm a place by booking.

Customers who wish to send three or more delegates on a training course may find it more convenient and economical to arrange in-house training. Please contact Jenny Bond for details and pricing.

If you have any questions about our courses, venues, prices, and dates, please browse the links above to pages on the website, and do not hesitate to contact us.

Course Hands-on Repute 2 - Midlands/North
Hands-on ReWaRD - Midlands/North
Hands-on Repute 2 - South
Hands-on ReWaRD - South

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Decoding Eurocode 7

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Decoding EC7 in South Africa

Decoding Eurocodes 2+3+7

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