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Geocentrix Registrar - software registration utility

Welcome to Registrar

About Registrar

Registrar is a utility program that allows you to discover what licences you have on your Geocentrix-supplied security key and (with instructions from Geocentrix) upgrade them.

To obtain a copy of Registrar, please click here.

How to find licences stored in your Geocentrix-supplied security key

  1. Attach your Geocentrix-supplied security key to your computer
  2. Run Registrar by choosing Programs > Geocentrix > Registrar 1 from Windows' Start Menu
  3. Click on the button 'Find Licences' on the program's Home tab
  4. The program's main window will display a list of the licences stored in your security key
  5. When you have finished reading the program's output, click Exit Registrar on the program's Application menu

How to upgrade licences stored in your Geocentrix-supplied security key


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