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Programs for geotechnical design and analysis

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ReWaRD is one of the leading programs for the design of embedded retaining walls, incorporating several UK and international design standards, including BS 8002 and Eurocode 7.

Latest release is ReWaRD 2.8.4 

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ReActiv is an interactive computer program for designing reinforced slopes in a wide variety of soil types using reinforced soil or soil nails.

Latest release is ReActiv 1.7.7

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Repute provides a rich set of tools for designing/analysing onshore piles, including various types of single pile, using current and historical design standards (such as Eurocode 7 & BS 8004) and pile groups under generalized 3-dimensional loading (using linear or non-linear soil models).

Latest release is Repute 2.5.16 

Renown logo Private commission! Renown is a computer program for determining the load capacity of offshore piles according to the latest API recommendations.
Redoubt logo Under development! Redoubt is a new computer program for designing shallow foundations, using current and historical design standards (such as Eurocode 7 & BS 8004)

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