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Training courses

Decoding Eurocode 7

click to download brochureTraining courses on Eurocode 7

The Structural Eurocodes were introduced into UK practice in April 2010, with many engineers still lacking formal training in the application to everyday design problems.

These courses help to bring foundation designers up to date with the practical application of Eurocode 7 (geotechnics).

For more than 10 years running, Geocentrix has offered a series of one-day training courses on Eurocode 7 for in-house and public delivery to civil, structural, and geotechnical engineers.

These course are all available online.


The Decoding Eurocode 7 courses are developed and delivered by Dr Andrew Bond (Director, Geocentrix Ltd, and Past-Chairman of the Eurocode 7 committee TC250/SC7).

Feedback from previous courses

'I have attended a similar training day but this was far better - clear, good pace, and challenging'

'Very useful to the work we do day-to-day'

'Very well presented with excellent content and worked examples'

'Excellent, good explanations and workshops with useful summary tables'

'Well presented, right level of detail. Very enlightening'

'It is good attend a course given by someone who can iron out some of the ambiguity in the code'

For more feedbeck click here.

How to book

Please contact Jenny Bond at Geocentrix to book a place on any of these courses or to enquire about in-house training.

Visit our online shopping cart to book and pay for the course via credit card.

Dates of future courses

Click on the course title for more details about the content of that course

Date Basis of geotechnical design Ground investigation and testing Shallow foundations Deep foundations Concrete foundations Steel foundations
Dec 2021   Online 2nd
Online 7th
Online 9th
Online 14th
Online 16th
Jan 2022

Online 11th
Online 13th
Online 18th
Online 20th
Online 25th
Online 27th

Feb 2022            
March 2022       Online 2nd
Online 4th
Online 7th
Online 9th
Online 11th

May 2022

  Online 16th
Online 18th
Online 23rd
Online 25th
Online 27th
September 2022


  Online 6th
Online 8th
Online 13th
Online 15th
Online 20th



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Decoding Eurocode 7

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