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Decoding 2nd Gen Eurocode 7: Ground properties


This course has been completely rewritten to cover the second generation of Eurocode 7, with emphasis on how to obtain ground properties from ground investigation.

The course provides a thorough introduction to the second generation Eurocode 7 Part 2 (EN 1997-2:202x), looking especially at the Ground Model and correlations between test results and ground properties. Reporting requirements of the new design standard are also covered.

Course outline

  • Ground investigation and the Ground Model
  • Basic ground properties (+ workshop)
  • Ground strength
  • Ground stiffness
  • Groundwater (+ workshop)
  • The Ground Investigation Report

This course has been registered by CITB NI for grant assistance to registered in scope employers.

This course is endorsed by The Geological Society.

Geological Society


The 'Ground properties' course requires no prior knowledge of Eurocode 7 and is an ideal accompaniment to our Basis of geotechnical design course.


Andrew Bond'Ground properties' is presented by Dr Andrew Bond (of Geocentrix).

Andrew is the Chair of BSI committee B/526 Geotechnics (since July 2023) and was past-Chair of CEN committee TC250/SC7 Geotechnical design (from 2010-2019). He played a key role in the development of the 2nd Generation Eurocode 7. Andrew has been a UK delegate on SC7 since 1997.

Online course

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Private course

Please contact Jenny Bond at Geocentrix to arrange a course tailored to your needs.


Price list for Decoding Eurocode 7 courses
Online lectures £80 each
Online courses 480 6 lectures
£400 (Early bird) 6 lectures- if booked and paid 2 weeks in advance
In-house classroom course please contact us
All prices subject to VAT at applicable rate

Eurocode 7Registration for online course

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  • Subsequent dates are provisional
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Feedback from past delegates

Ground properties course (2nd generation Eurocodes)

'Great coverage of material and course presenter was fantastically knowledgable'

'An excellent run through the content of 1997 Pt 2'

'Very useful summary of the original EC7 principles and the changes (improvements) that have been made in the second generation'

'Good course, thank you'

'I took a lot away from the course. I am a mechanical engineer with little experience of ground investigation but managed to keep up with most of the presentations. ... A lot of assumed knowledge for me but I picked it up quickly hence no questions mid presentation. Worked examples are useful'

'I am more of a geo-environmental consultant than a geotechnical engineer (I do have an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering from many years ago) but I find the coarse very useful in understanding the principles and also what is required from our reports/GIs'

'Thank you very much to you effort to provide such useful content, please do not stop with your teaching'

'Good content, detailed for those interested in a deep undertaking or are working in design or producing ground reports'

'Good as for someone who has finished university less than 2 years ago it has been insightful'

'Excellent. Very informative and clear despite the every changing content of the Eurocode'

'Very good. Pitched at the right level to give me the information I hoped to gain, without being overwhelming'

'Very informative, provides background info and understanding on Eurocode 7 & where values are sourced/from which literature etc. Helped increased understanding on ground properties and ground modelling and their relevance in everyday geotechnical design work'

'Good delivery, can respond to any questions, professional'

'The lectures were detailed and covered a lot of content'

'I am not Geotechnical Engineer but, Speaker responded all questions i had. Information provided in clear and understandable maner, materials were helpful. Speaker tried to response all questions of participants. Some time there was deep diving to details and formulas it is useful for Subject discipline Engineers'

Ground investigation and testing course (1st generation Eurocodes)

'Brilliant course. Content was excellent, really useful and very well delivered'

'... this course is a vital course for Design Engineers to make sure that their projects are designed in accordance with the principles set out in the Eurocode series of documents'

'A great course with each point very well explained. Previously EC7 appeared daunting and it was confusing how or if EC7, ISO standards and BS standards fit in with one another, but now I have a greater appreciation that they are there to complement one another and aren't individual documents that you may or may not use'

'Excellent course, enjoyed it very much. As a complete novice in the field I was slightly overwhelmed at times, but never swamped. Would most certainly recommend the course'

'... good overview of the structure of EC7 and where we are with the timing/applicability of the different Standards - this is something I hadn't really picked up from other sources of information. The section on references in Ground Engineering Magazine was very helpful indeed.'

'Very helpful. Now I'll re-read your book!'

'A very informative and well-presented series of Webinars which were of great relevance to practicing engineers'


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