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Repute 2 Hands on training commences 13th March

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  • May 2016
    • Repute 2.0 Update 20 has been released. This is likely to be the last update for Repute 2.0, since we are working hard on getting Repute 2.5 ready for launch during the summer. Customers with ReAssurance should install the latest update (FREE of charge) now.
    • Repute 2.0 customers who have let their ReAssurance agreement for the program lapse may wish to consider renewing now. Repute 2.5 will be coming very soon and feature a massive speed increase of its boundary-element calculations. (And it is truly massive - not just marketing-speak.) Repute 2.5 will be a FREE upgrade to customers with ReAssurance.
    • Repute 1.5 customers who wish to upgrade to Repute 2.0 shoild do so NOW at the special upgrade prices given here. Once Repute 2.5 has been released, there will be no reduced upgrade price from Repute 1.5 to 2.5.
  • March 2016
    • ReWaRD 2.7 Update 8 has been released, providing important fixes to the program's calculation of earth pressure coefficients (and other improvements). At the same time, Update 7 has been withdrawn. This is an essential update for anyone currently running Update 7.

Decoding Eurocode 7 courses

Decoding Eurocode 7Our Eurocode 7 training courses include both online and classroom courses.

In the second half of the year, we will be delivering 'Basis of geotechnical design' and 'Ground investigation and testing' in the classroom; and all four courses (including 'Design of shallow foundations' and 'Design of deep foundations') will be available online.

  • Classroom courses (one-day)
    • Basis of geotechnical design
    • Ground investigation and testing
  • Online courses (multiple sessions)
    • Design of shallow foundations
    • Design of deep foundations
    • Basis of geotechnical design
    • Ground investigation and testing

The venues for the classroom courses are currently:

  • London

For further details, please click here.


Repute logoRepute 2 for onshore pile design

Take a look at our new screencasts demonstrating how to use Repute 2.

Repute 2 is the UK's leading pile group design program, which no serious pile designer should be without. Repute allows engineers to design:

  • single piles subject to vertical loading, according to published design standards (such as Eurocode 7)
  • pile groups under generalized 3-dimensional loading, using linear or non-linear soil models

"...your software enabled answers to be delivered within an hour, and has received a big thumbs-up from the team"

Repute 2 has many new features and benefits and is available to order now!

Repute 2.0.22 is now available for download from the program's updates page.

ReWaRD logoReWaRD 2.7 for embedded retaining wall design

ReWaRD is one of the leading programs for the design of embedded retaining walls, incorporating several UK and international standards including BS 8002 and EN 1997-1.

"Input of data and computer time for analysis are both very quick => Excellent"

ReWaRD 2.7.8  is now available for download from the program's update page

ReActiv logoReActiv 1.7 for reinforced slope design

ReActiv is an interactive program for designing reinforced slopes, using reinforced soil or soil nails, following the guidance of the UK Highways Agency's advice note HA68.

ReActiv 1.7.6 is now available for download from the program's update page.


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