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Geocentrix Redoubt- shallow foundation design

Redoubt 1 field test

Redoubt 1 - shallow foundation design program

The first version of Redoubt is currently under development.

This new program will provide the ability to design a wide range of shallow foundations to existing British and European standards (BS 8004 and EN 1997-1). Also included will be the ability to design stone columns to recognized published procedures.


Development of Redoubt has been sponsored by Atkins and Keller Ground Engineering (both technical sponsors).

Current release:

To learn how to use the program, please follow the tutorials in the following documents:

  • Redoubt 1 Quick-Start Guide (version for 1.0.0, dated xx)
    • in development
  • Repute 2 User Manual (version for 1.0.0, dated xx)
    • in development
  • Repute 2 Reference Manual (version for 1.0.0, dated xx)
    • in development


Please note that this is pre-release software and it will contain bugs and errors. Do NOT use Redoubt 1 for design purposes at this stage. Geocentrix accepts no responsibility for your use of this pre-release software.

Development releases

Release candidates (publically available)

  • None to date

Beta releases (available to technical support customers)

  • None to date

Alpha releases (to sponsors only)


Geocentrix welcomes your feedback on Redoubt and suggestions for improvement. Please send all comments (favourable or unfavourable!) to Please format the subject line of your email as follows:

Redoubt 1 <version> - bug/suggestion: <brief description>


Redoubt 1 Alpha 1: bug - assertion error when program is shut down
Redoubt 1 Alpha 1: suggestion - use different pictures on toolbar for different Wizards

Thank you for your interest in Redoubt!


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