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Geocentrix ReWaRD - Embedded retaining wall design

Standard and Professional Editions of ReWaRD

Standard: for engineers with a job to do

ReWaRD 2.8 Standard Edition has been created for civil and structural engineers who need to design embedded retaining walls under routine conditions with the greatest of ease.

Employing the same user interface and calculation engine as the more powerful Professional Edition, the Standard Edition includes the engineering objects and calculation features needed for 80% of retaining wall designs.

Details of how the two editions differ are given below.

ReWaRD 2.8 Standard Edition implements the requirements of Eurocode 7 (EN 1997-1), British Standard 8002, and CIRIA 104 Gross Pressure Method.

The program caters for cantilever, propped-cantilever, and multi-propped walls installed in a variety of soils types and ground water conditions. Earth pressures, required embedment, and structural forces (including prop loads) are quickly evaluated.

As your workload expands to more complicated designs, you can upgrade to the full Professional Edition at any time.

Professional: puts YOU in control of your designs

ReWaRD 2.8 Professional Edition features many improvements over previous versions, helping you save money whether you are a contractor, consultant, or other construction professional.

The program's Stockyard/Workbook interface has been fully synchronised, allowing you to see exactly which object you are working with when you drag-and-drop it onto your Drawing Board.

Expanded/improved property sheets allow you to override the program's default settings at the click of a button; and the re-engineered Custom Design Standard lets you fine tune designs exactly to your taste.

The Quick-Start Guide and User/Reference Manuals are provided both in printed and electronic form and the online Help system has been updated/improved. "Drill down" into the program's results to see the fine detail (if you so wish) and use ReWaRD's improved messages view to follow an audit trail through the calculations.

Features comparison Standard (Std) and Professional (Pro) Editions




Implements design standards Eurocode 7 (EN 1997-1), British Standard BS8002, and CIRIA 104 Gross Pressure Method
Horizontal Ground
Horizontal Excavation

Gravel, Sand, Granular Silt, Cohesive Silt, & Clay Soils

Drained & Undrained Layers
Hydrostatic, Dry, & Standing Water Tables
Uniform Surcharge
Vertical Loads
Sheet Pile, Contiguous, Secant, & Diaphragm Walls

Horizontal & Raking Props


Observation Level

Calculates earth pressures as-built, at minimum safe embedment, with actual safety factors, & at failure
Calculates minimum required embedment, structural forces, & Peck's envelopes  
Electronic versions of ReWaRD User/Reference Manuals

Implements design standards: CP2, Piling Handbook, CIRIA 104 (Revised and Strength Factor Methods), Eurocode 7 pre-standard (ENV 1997-1), Geoguide 1, & Custom

Rising, Falling, & Stepped Grounds  
Rising, Falling, & Stepped Excavations  
Organic, Granular/ Fill, Cohesive Fill, Chalk, Rock, River, & Custom Soils  
Earth pressure coefficients customizable layer-by-layer

Constant, Hydrodynamic, Linear Seepage, Inverted, & Tidal Water Tables  
Parallel Strip, Perpendicular Strip, Parallel Line, Perpendicular Line, Area, & Point Surcharges  
Shear & Moment Loads  
King Post & Custom Walls  
Soil-structure interface parameters are customizable  
Calculates base stability, displacements, & durability  
Opens & creates templates  
Includes Electronic Piling Handbook/Piling Case Studies  
Imports/exports v1.x JOB files  

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