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Geocentrix ReWaRD - Embedded retaining wall design

ReWaRD 2.8 field test - open

ReWaRD 2.8 - embedded retaining wall design program

The field test for ReWaRD 2.8 is now closed.

This new version of the program includes:

  • New - added design standard BS 8002:2015
  • New - added design standards CIRIA C760 and C580
  • New - added Brinch-Hansen earth pressure coefficients
  • New - separate Depth and Level controls throughout the program
  • New - full compatibility with Windows 10
  • Improved - improvements to Eurocode 7 Design Approach 1 (EN 1997-1:2004)
  • Improved - redesigned Design menu and Design Property Inspector
  • Improved - angle controls now allow units to be selected
  • Improved - better support for wide area network installations
  • Improved - latest Sentinel drivers
  • Improved - now allows licence (LIC) file to be imported into program
  • Improved - Updated User Manual and Quick-Start Guide


Please note that this is pre-release software and it will contain bugs and errors. Do NOT use ReWaRD 2.8 for design purposes at this stage. Geocentrix accepts no responsibility for your use of this pre-release software.

Important - When you first run ReWaRD, you will need to register it. Please click on the 'Licence Registration' button on the program's Licence menu. Change the product to 'ReWaRD 2.8 - Trial Edition' and click OK.

Things to do before installing ReWaRD 2.8

Development releases

Release candidates (publically available)

  • Not available yet

Beta releases (available to customers with Software Re-Assurance only)

Alpha releases (available to sponsors only - for internal use)

  • None


Geocentrix welcomes your feedback on ReWaRD 2.8 and suggestions for improvement. Please send all comments (favourable or unfavourable!) to Please format the subject line of your email as follows:

ReWaRD 2.8 <version> - bug/suggestion: <brief description>


ReWaRD 2.8 Beta 2: bug - assertion error when program is closed via File > Exit command
ReWaRD 2.8 Beta 2: suggestion - use different pictures on toolbar

Thank you for your interest in ReWaRD!


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