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Case studies

Dubair Metro pile groupDubai Metro light rail viaducts

From Smith, D.A. and Hendy, C.R. (2009). Design of the Dubai Metro light rail viaducts — substructure. Bridge Engineering, Thomas Telford, Vol. 162, Issue 2, pp. 63-74 ...

"The soil–structure behaviour for the pile design was determined using readily available geotechnical software. Repute was used as the main tool for each individual foundation. It allowed the input of multiple strata parameters using a boundary element method restricted by pile diameter and was able to model dynamic behaviour. Its relative simplicity enabled a large number of models to be analysed quickly and was therefore highly suited to the tight design-and-build programme."



Burj DubaiBurj Dubai - the world's tallest building

From Poulos, H. and Bunce, G. (2008). Foundation design for the Burj Dubai - The World's Tallest Building. Proc. 6th Int. Conf. on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering and Symposium in Honor of Professor James K. Mitchell, Arlington, Va (Usa), Paper No. 1.47, pp 1-16 ...

"Gratifyingly, the settlements from the FEA model correlated acceptably well with the results obtained from REPUTE, PIGLET and VDISP."









Incheon Bridge ProjectIncheon Bridge Project

From Flett, I.D., Carter, M., Hussain, N., and Yeoward, A. (2007). Incheon Bridge Project—The role of the Contractor's Checking Engineer. Proc. IABSE International Symposium Weimar 2007, Weimar (Germany), IABSE Report, 7p ...

"The software package REPUTE was used to model the large diameter reinforced concrete piled foundations. This package allows the non-linear analysis of pile groups in multiple soil strata."



New Wembley Stadium

From Hardy, S. & O'Brien, A.S. (2006). Non-linear analysis of large pile groups for the new Wembley stadium. Proc. 10th Int. Conf. on Piling and Deep Foundations, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Publ. by Deep Foundation Institute (DFI), USA, pp. 303-310 ...

"Many researchers have developed models that attempt to capture the non-linear load-displacement curves in tests on individual piles ... The importance of non-linearity on pile group behaviour has also been previously discussed in the literature ... however, linear analyses are still common practice in routine design.. Repute (Geocentrix (2002)) has been developed to analyse pile groups with a non-linear load-displacement response.

"The predicted movements correlated very well with the observed movements and illustrate the importance of modelling non-linear load-displacement behaviour of pile groups. If linear analyses had been undertaken (as is routine for pile group analysis) the structural forces and displacements could have been under or over estimated by a considerable amount ..."


Geocentrix Repute

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