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Geocentrix Repute - Onshore pile design and analysis

What's new in Repute 2.5?

  • New - plan locations of forces and moments can now be tethered to pile locations
  • New - added ability to delete multiple items from Project Manager with one command
  • New - export commands now support Microsoft XLSX format
  • New - old licence is automatically backed up on importing new licence
  • New - server hostname can now be specified instead of IP address
  • Improved - now caters for bored piles > 3 m in diameter
  • Improved - Import Action command now includes the variability of the actions
  • Improved - Browser now shows news feed direct from Geocentrix website
  • Fixed - wrong font displayed in the Reference Manual
  • Fixed - various minor bug fixes to user interface

New/improved in Release 3

  • New – added support for LDSA Guideline Notes for Bored Piles in London Clay
  • New – added support for triangular, hexagonal, and circular pile caps
  • New – added ability to save user interface changes
  • Improved – major performance boost when switching from one calculation to another
  • Improved – Borehole Wizard extended to cover rock layers
  • Improved – relaxed limit on pile length (now 126 m)
  • Improved – automatic re-scaling of Drawing Board when switching orientation
  • Improved – provided better implementation of Trial Edition
  • Fixed – various minor bug fixes to user interface

New/improved in Release 2

  • New – Custom Pipe and Custom Spun Pipe enabled in the Stockyard
  • Improved – Boundary Element Report now displays min/max forces, bending moments, etc. in pile group
  • Improved - Pile Group Wizard allows different x and y spacings to be entered for custom pile layout
  • Improved – various bug fixes and performance improvements

New/improved in Release 1

  • New - multi-threaded Boundary Element engine, up to 100x faster than before
  • New - support for spun piles and micropiles
  • New - Action Import Wizard
  • New - Pile Group Import Wizard
  • New – support for ICP and MS1314 spun pipes;
  • New – support for bearing piles to BS4 (UBP sections)
  • New – support for Arcelor Mittal bearing piles (HP and HZ sections)
  • New – support for legacy Corus bearing piles (UKC sections)
  • New - ability to select which sections and materials appear in the Stockyard
  • New - support for BS 8004:2015
  • New – direct support for rock within the boundary element analysis
  • Improved - Pile Group Wizard now supports a wider range of pile types
  • Improved - greater distinction between different calculations in Stockyard
  • Improved – support for using the program across wide area networks
  • Improved - numerous other minor improvements

What's in Repute 2.0

  • New - Implementation of design methods for single piles: Longitudinal ULS; Fleming's Analysis; Randolph's Analysis
  • New - Addition of analysis of torque
  • New - Support for wide range of design standards: Eurocode 7 - EN 1997-1:2004, +UK NA, +Irish NA, +Singapore NA; Custom Eurocode 7; Italian Norme tecniche per le costruzioni; Eurocode 7 pre-standard - ENV 1997-1:1994; BS 8004:1986; Custom Working Stress Standard
  • New - Support for more pile types: Pre-cast concrete square piles; Cast-in-place concrete augered piles; Steel pipe (tubular) piles; Steel H piles)
  • New - Addition of pile sections: Corus bearing piles (Advance UKBP sections); Corus pipe piles (Celcius sections)
  • New - Addition of Concrete grades C16/20 to C50/60
  • New - Addition of Steel grades S235 to S450
  • New - Addition of Corus Advance steel grades
  • New - Support for combination of actions
  • New - Addition of algorithms implementing design rules from British and European standards (including Eurocode 7)
  • New - Addition of extensive set of algorithms to allow customization of design calcuations
  • New - Live Drawing Board with separate cross-section, elevation, and plan views
  • New - Project Manager providing easy navigation of items, using drag-drop capabilities
  • New - Stockyard containing over 100 ready-to-use engineering items
  • New - Property Inspector providing quick access to properties of all engineering items
  • New - Workbook displaying results of all calculations in drill-down fashion
  • Improved - Ribbon interface simplifies program manipulation and navigation
  • New - User-customizable reports
  • Improved - Graph Paper displaying results in easily-customized visual form
  • Improved - Reporter providing printer-friendly output
  • New - Project Wizard
  • New - Conversion Wizard
  • New - Borehole, Action, and Calculation Wizards
  • Improved - Pile Group Wizard

What's in Repute 1.x

  • New - Design of pile groups (Boundary Element Analysis)
  • New - Smoothing of soil data
  • New - Support for cast-in-place concrete bored piles
  • New - Extensive range of spoils types supported
  • New - Graph Paper displaying results in visual form
  • New - Reporter providing printer-friendly output
  • New - Browser provides convenient access to web-based program information
  • New - Message Board collects all program-generated messages together
  • New - Pile Group Wizard

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