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Legacy versions of Repute 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0

This page provides downloads for legacy versions of Repute. The downloads here are provided 'as is' with no warranty of any kind. Your use of this software is entirely at your own risk. Geocentrix Ltd accepts no liability for its use.

Repute 2.0

Development Repute 2.0 has ceased. Update 22 is still supported but Update 18 is NOT.

Update 22 (released May 2017)

This is the last update for version 2.0 of the program:

Update 18 (released June 2014)

Release notes

Note for existing Repute 1.5 users

For customers with Software ReAssurance for Repute, Repute 2.0 was a FREE upgrade from version 1.5. The new version requires a different licence number to be activated. Please follow the instructions given in this technical note to upgrade. You can run Repute 2.0 and Repute 1.5 (Update 14 or later) on the same computer using your Repute 2 licence number.

Repute 1.5

Development and support of Repute 1.5 has ceased.

Update 14 (released May 2012)

This is the last update for version 1.5 of the program:

Release notes

Note for existing Repute 1.0 users

To upgrade the licence stored in your security key from version 1.0 to 1.5, you will need to install and run our upgrade utility Registrar.

You can run Repute 1.5 and Repute 1.0 Update 10 (or later) on the same computer using your Repute 1.5 licence number. However, you cannot run Repute 1.5 with Repute 1.0 Update 9 (or earlier).

Repute 1.0

Development and support of Repute 1.0 has ceased.

Update 10 (released April 2006)

This is the last update for version 1.0 of the program:

You MUST uninstall any existing version of Repute before installing Update 10. If you are running a network edition of Repute prior to Update 9, you MUST update the Network Licence Manager (see instructions alongside).

Release notes


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