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Repute 2.5 Release 16

New and improved features in Release 16

  • New added support for Italian standard NTC18
  • New added data for hot rolled flat products made of high yield strength steels for cold forming from EN 10149)
  • New added graphs showing resolved moment and transverse displacement vs depth
  • Improved graph selection drop-down boxes made context-sensitive
  • Improved greater precision provided in display of numerical values in the Reporter
  • Improved Quick-Start Guide revised to reflect recent program improvements
  • Improved Developer Express controls updated to latest release (version 23.2.3)
  • Improved Sentinel run-time environment updated to version 9.16
  • Fixed boundary element stiffness/flexibility coefficients now properly arranged in exported matrix
  • Fixed all hot-fixes from Release 15 included in this release
  • Fixed numerous minor bug fixes and improvements in performance

Release details

  • Version: 2.5
  • Release: 16
  • Setup program: Repute25Setup.exe
  • Build 1, released 13 March 2024
  • Build 2 (see Hotfix #1 below), released 19 March 2024
  • Release notes: Repute2.5.16.txt
  • Eligibility: customers with ReAssurance ending on or after the release date
  • Built with Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows Runtime v9.16 (released 2024-01-31)


  1. Download the setup program to a temporary folder on your computer
  2. Run the setup program and follow the onscreen instructions
  3. For details of what has changed in this update, please read the associated release notes (available above)

Hotfix #1

Hotfix 1 updates the program to Build 2 and corrects the following issue in Build 1:

  • Case #3921 Results of Fleming Analysis do not appear in the Workbook

To apply the hotfix, please do the following (you will need Administrator priveleges to do this):

  1. Close Repute
  2. Open Windows File Explorer
  3. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Geocentrix\Repute\2.5
  4. Make a backup copy of the following file:
    • Repute2.exe
  5. Download this ZIP file to a temporary folder on your computer
  6. From that ZIP file, extract the following file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Geocentrix\Repute\2.5:
    • Repute2.exe
  7. Run Repute
  8. Select File > About Repute to check that the program is now Build 2

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