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Decoding Eurocode 7: Ground investigation and testing


This course provides a thorough introduction to Eurocode 7 Part 2, looking especially at the ground characterization and reporting requirements of the new design standard.

This course is endorsed by The Geological Society.

Geological Society


The 'Ground investigation and testing' course requires no prior knowledge of Eurocode 7 and is an ideal accompaniment to our Basis of geotechnical design course.


'Ground investigation and testing' is presented by Dr Andrew Bond (of Geocentrix). Andrew is Immediate Past Chairman of CEN committee TC250/SC7, responsible for the maintenance and evolution of Eurocode 7. He was a UK delegate on SC7 from 1997, before being Chairman from 2010 to 2019.

Online course

How to book:

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Classroom course

Ground investigation and testing (classroom)

  • Date: contact us for the next date
  • Venue: London (nearest tube station: Oxford Circus)
  • Please contact Jenny Bond for details
How to book:
  1. Visit our online shopping cart to make your payment for the course
  2. (Alternatively) Contact us with details for invoicing. Payment must be received prior to commencement of the course

In-house course

Please contact Jenny Bond at Geocentrix to arrange a course tailored to your needs.


Price list for Decoding Eurocode 7 courses
Online lectures £75 each
Online courses £300 (5 lectures)
£375 (6 lectures)*
Classroom course currently not available
*Basis of design course only
All prices subject to VAT at applicable rate

Registration for online course

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  • Subsequent dates are provisional
  • All dates are subject to change depending on demand
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Feedback from past delegates

'Brilliant course. Content was excellent, really useful and very well delivered'

'Very well presented and put together. A lot of information given '

'Filled in gaps in my knowledge and the difference between the old codes and the ECs/ISOs'

'Very informative set of webinars with good level of information from a knowledgable presenter'

'... this course is a vital course for Design Engineers to make sure that their projects are designed in accordance with the principles set out in the Eurocode series of documents'

'Very high quality training. Everything was very well explained'

'It was very good, the documents/slides provided were easy to follow. Andrew presented in a very clear manner'

'A great course with each point very well explained. Previously EC7 appeared daunting and it was confusing how or if EC7, ISO standards and BS standards fit in with one another, but now I have a greater appreciation that they are there to complement one another and aren't individual documents that you may or may not use'

'Excellent course, enjoyed it very much. As a complete novice in the field I was slightly overwhelmed at times, but never swamped. Would most certainly recommend the course'

'Excellent course. Lot of insight into Eurocode and the technical requirements covered'

'Excellent training, good coverage of topic'

'Great notes with logical layout which follows throughout the course of the various topics'

'Very impressive course. Very educational and informative'

'Informative and thought provoking'

'... good overview of the structure of EC7 and where we are with the timing/applicability of the different Standards - this is something I hadn't really picked up from other sources of information. The section on references in Ground Engineering Magazine was very helpful indeed.'

'Very thorough - well prepared'

'Well thought through, clear and easy to follow'

'Concise, informative, well rounded. Complicated topic area but well presented and a good guided-tour through this particular part of EC7!'

'Very helpful. Now I'll re-read your book!'

'A well presented course that provided a great introduction into the difficult subject of the application of statistical analysis in the selection geotechnical parameters'

'Would definately recommend it to engineers coming to terms with the application of BS EN 1997'

'Excellent training! It has been very useful, informational and educative'

'Good coverage of standards and guidance, with very useful pointers toward technical notes in Ground Engineering magazine. Workshops on scoping SI and stats also useful'

'A very informative and well-presented series of Webinars which were of great relevance to practicing engineers'


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